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Drug Rehab Nashville TN

Faith-Based Rehab in Middle TN

You don’t need to live in middle Tennessee to receive addiction treatment at Stones River Recovery, a Nashville recovery center. We are happy to accept patients from anywhere no matter how severe their addiction is, how long it has lasted, or how deep the shame that they have descended into. Moving from shame to grace is a central aspect of our Nashville rehab program. Like other drug rehabs in Tennessee, we use professional medical methods to help with withdrawal, associated medical problems, and psychiatric issues.  Stones River Recovery is one of the most effective addiction rehab centers in Nashville TN, that has a strong focus on helping those on their journey.  We are one of the most caring rehab centers in TN.

What Differentiates Us from Other Rehab Centers in TN?

We strive to bring a strong spiritual focus treating our patients. Those who suffer from long-term, crippling addiction know no other world. Their only reality is the perceived need to use the addictive substance or repeat an addictive behavior in the belief that only that will give them relief. This absence of belief, trust, friendship, and faith has left them with nowhere to turn (in their minds) except back to their addictive behavior. By helping these individuals find Christ as the central feature of their treatment, they find meaning that they never had or perhaps once had and lost. The shame that comes with long term addiction serves to isolate those who are addicted. At our Nashville recovery center, we help them find and accept forgiveness in Christ and a new birth. It is the amazing grace of Jesus Christ that turns their former blindness to a vision of a hopeful future. Those who are lost in drugs become found in Christ and that is the saving grace of our addiction treatment center, Stones River Center.

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Residential Inpatient

Long Term Recovery

Transitional Living

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Absolutely wonderful place, my husband went here and it saved his life. I thank god for stones river recovery . He is a new man, born again, free of addiction.

Niki Payne

This facility is amazing. The location is a beautiful countryside. Complete with a creek. A close family member was struggling and I believe in my heart, this program saved him. Thankful everyday for the difference it made in his life. Good people, that know, through God all things are possible.

Kathi Payne

Absolutely fantastic place, doing gods work. They break you from your addiction and show you a sober faith based way to live life, where so many addicts have forgotten what it’s like to live life without substances. You laugh, love and live again here. 5 stars isn’t a strong enough rating. For this place. It changed my life.

Robert payne

Stones river is by far the best program.they show u the way to live a drug free life.there classes speak to u and help out in the long run for when u leave the program.god has blessed me by leting me into this program.they show u how to save,help u with anything,and help u be a better person period.if u have a drug problem this is the place to be.thanks mr.jerry mr.eric and mr.dennis!!!!

Ethan Thomas

“Stones River Recovery has given me my life back. Their Christian based recovery approach has helped me to a closer walk with God. And a deeper understanding that they are not the solution. God is the solution. I would highly recommend this recovery program to anyone seeking recovery.”

Tim Lampkin

Drug Rehab Nashville TN Faith-based Recovery from Addiction

Recovery Success

Are You or Someone You Love Ready For Help and Searching Rehab Facilities in Nashville TN?

When searching rehab centers in TN, it can be daunting thinking about starting at an in-patient addiction recovery center. We ensure our admission process will help put any addict and loved one at ease. We know the sacrifices made, the fears at the forefront and the common worries. We break down our admission process in our Admissions Timeline.  Our drug rehab Nashville TN center is here to help.

A Faith-Based Nashville Recovery Center

When a person enters our rehab facilities in Nashville TN, they need to withdraw both physically and emotionally from the source of their addiction. But, to maintain sobriety, they need more. This approach has a long history including in Alcoholics Anonymous where the second step teaches that a higher power can “restore us to sanity.” At our rehab centers in Nashville TN, we know that an abiding faith is not just the starting point of recovery but the lynchpin that holds life, and faith, and addiction recovery together. Of the rehab centers in TN, we stand out as one where faith in Jesus Christ becomes the central focus of being and the means of freeing and protecting individuals from backsliding and returning to their old lives. For rehab, Nashville, TN offers various possibilities but for recovery from addiction that cripples both the mind and soul, Stones River Recovery stands ready to help you change your life for good.

When addiction controls your life, it can be difficult to see any other reality. Moment by moment, the cravings associated with drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors are central features of your existence. Recovery from addiction is not just the removal of the addictive aspects of your life but replacing them with an abiding faith that becomes the central tenet of your being. Stones River Recovery, a Nashville rehab center, addresses all aspects of your addiction from the mental, physical, and emotional to the spiritual. Our belief and our experience in treating addiction tell us that anyone who belongs to Christ becomes a new person. If someone in your life suffers from addiction and you are looking for drug rehabs in Tennessee, come and take a look at our Nashville rehab facilities and learn more about how we are one of the most effective rehab centers in TN.


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Stones River Center for Addiction Recovery

Our Nashville rehab center is located in a natural setting along the Stones River in middle Tennessee, our addiction treatment center is an excellent rehab Nashville TN residents can choose. We have been treating drug and alcohol-addicted individuals since 2015, but the story begins in 2004 when a logger and preacher of the Gospel, Jerry Barrett, injured his back so badly that he was hospitalized for a year and could not walk.

Faith Based Rehab
Jerry's Journey

Like so many who must endure chronic pain, he became addicted to painkillers and then sought relief in alcohol, methamphetamines, and cocaine. He ended up spending nearly a year in jail before entering a faith-based rehab facility. His response to recovery was to take his shame and disgrace and turn them into a blessing and grace. After the deaths of two close friends, he did this by founding Sober Living 4 Jesus.

The Program that Started it All

Sober Living 4 Jesus was founded by Jerry Barrett.  His program has grown to a facility capable of treating 32 individuals at a time at all stages of their recovery. The focus of our drug rehab facilities in Nashville TN is not simply to remove addiction from your life. At our drug rehab Nashville facilities we work to give you reasons for living with a new life in Jesus Christ.

Recover Surrounded by Tennessee's Natural Beauty

Our drug rehab Nashville TN center is located in the secluded backwoods of Cannon Count, Tennessee. Budding Stones River, and surrounded by 100 acres of rolling hills and serene countryside, this environment allows addicts to heal and recover. We embrace our environment and know the helpful effects nature can have on someone struggling with addiction.

The Time to Ask for Help at Our Drug Rehab Nashville TN Centers is Now

At all drug rehabs in Tennessee, the time to start treatment is now. The addiction becomes so dear, the fear of discovery so powerful, and the shame of one’s situation so strong that it is so very easy to put off asking for help until the time is right. At Stones River Center we know that the time to put a stop to your addiction, just like the time to turn your life over to Christ is this very moment. Addictions are powerful and would seem to have an evil mind of their own as the addiction always gives its victim reasons why is it would be better to wait, now is not the right time, or what will my family and friends think. The fact of the matter with family and friends is that you are not really hiding anything from them.  Unfortunately, you have probably drawn them into a behavior of supporting your behavior, a situation referred to as codependency. A sad fact of addiction is that those who help in hiding and covering up addiction often succumb to it themselves in some form or other. As part of our faith-based treatment, we deal with this problem as well. Oftentimes, the first step in treatment is an intervention that requires friends and family. Much of the success of treatment depends on this step, this is the reason drug rehabs in Tennessee take it so seriously.

Success Rates and Interventions at Our Nashville Recovery Center

The Question

A question that families often ask when bringing a loved one to us for help is what is our success rate? What we have to explain is that attaining success can be as much about the family as about the patient!

Encouragement to Get Treatment

Getting someone to enter treatment for addiction can be very difficult. They have built up years of excuses. These range from absolute denial that they have a problem to blaming everything on others, life’s circumstances, and so forth. When the family is willing to help confront their loved one, it greatly increases the likelihood of their agreeing to enter treatment at rehab centers in Nashville TN or anywhere.

Family Commitment

What we find is that the commitment of the family becomes even more important as treatment progresses. It needs to become clear to the family that they have probably developed “enabling” behaviors and that they may now want to give up these behaviors as the behaviors have helped define their role in the family! The ability of the family to help with an intervention and then follow through with treatment as directed by our staff can be critical to both short and long term recovery. It is especially important that the family act in unison and that one or two members do not choose to disagree or seek to manage the recovery themselves out of fear of becoming implicated in the patient’s history of addiction. And, when everyone agrees and follows through they will achieve a sense of peace and tranquility in knowing that they have done their part to help their loved one on the way to recovery.

Improving Chances of Success

In regard to success, we have found that with family support, interventions do not fail. And when the family follows our guidelines during treatment, we find that recovery goes more smoothly and sobriety is more likely to be maintained.

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Experience Stones River Recovery

The residents, at our Nashville rehab center, find sobriety surrounded by supportive leaders and peers. The undeniable camaraderie at Stones River positively impacts each and every individual seeking recovery from addiction.

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Individualize Treatment Approaches for Drug Rehab Nashville TN

We have found that a “one size fits all” approach does not fit all sufferers from addiction. Thus, we tailor our approach to the patient and his or her needs. Although the central feature of our program is faith-based recovery through Christ, that success may require individual therapy, group sessions, and other approaches.  As one of the most successful rehab centers in TN, we pride ourselves on our and our residents values.

How We Begin

We begin by treating patients in our residential inpatient program and as they make progress, transfer them to our long term recovery program or transitional living program.

How We Differ

We differ from other rehab facilities in Nashville TN in that in our modified approach we do not believe that your addiction defines your identity. Rather, we use our faith-based program to help you find your identity in Jesus Christ. By gaining a new set of values and principles, we help participants gain and then maintain their sobriety. They learn to live a new lifestyle that is free from addiction and all of its constraints and find new peace, productivity, and joy.

Not Just One Approach

Unlike some rehab centers in TN we do not use just one approach. Some of our program participants need longer term support. For these individuals we have a long term recovery program. In this program, participants transition from inpatient residential rehab to a transitional living situation in which they live independently. Addicted persons develop long term habits that need time to subside in strength and long term physical needs and problems that need time to heal. Our long term rehab program allows for this to happen. We know this to be the case and also research in the field of addiction and recovery has shown that those who participate in ninety days or more of such programs have a substantially better chance of maintaining their sobriety long term. We strongly suggest this program for those who have been in treatment before and have relapsed. However, there are situations in which we will recommend this approach even for first time treatment.

Long Term Recovery

In our long term recovery program, we focus on living productively and responsibly and at the same time building on the lessons learned in early recovery. Each participant in this program gets personal financial, family, and career counseling as well as a daily class in recovery. An integral part of this treatment program is spiritual support and guidance in a Christian recovery community. Because addiction issues are so closely integrated with other issues in life, we find that this approach allows participants to successfully sort out and deal with their issues on the way to a life recovery.

Find out more about our Long Term Recovery program here.

Transitional Living

An alternative that we often recommend for those who need longer term support but no longer need inpatient treatment is transitional living at our drug rehab Nashville facilities.. As with the long term recovery program studies show that longer attachment to the program leads to better long term results. In this program, individuals learn to integrate their recovery with family, work, and relationships while living in a supportive setting. This provides a sober social setting and opportunities to have fun, and learn to have fun, without the need for drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, this basic aspect of treatment can be extremely important as addicted individuals simply have no experience having a good time that does not require getting stoned or high! At our rehab Nashville TN center we show and practice how a fulfilling life in Christ removes the need for drugs and alcohol.

Find out more about Transitional Living here.

A new life with baptism in middle TN

At Stones River Center We Know Where You Have Been

A unique feature of our rehab facilities in Nashville TN is that we have been where you are today. Each of our treatment professionals has gone through treatment for addiction and each practices every one of the steps to recovery that we teach.

The other feature and basic fact of our program, at our rehab facilities in Nashville TN, is that we help you find sobriety while finding a new life in Jesus Christ. We live the words of the New Testament, 2 Corinthians 5:17, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” Each of us has a higher purpose in life and finding and practicing that higher purpose replaces and eradicates the traces of addiction. By finding a new life in Christ our participants put their past shame and suffering behind them and put peace, hope, and Christ in the front.  When seeking rehab centers in Nashville TN, look to Stones River Center.

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Come to our drug rehabs in Tennessee and learn how an effective drug and alcohol treatment program centered in Christ can make the difference that you need in your life.

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