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About Stones River Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

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About Stones River Recovery Tennessee Nashville
Our Story

Stones River Recovery was founded in 2015 as Sober Living 4 Jesus, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit drug and alcohol transitional living facility.  In 2004, Jerry Barrett, a Gospel preacher and logger, suffered a paralyzing back injury and was placed on heavy pain medications.  Jerry spent over a year in a hospital bed, unable to walk.  His dependence on pain medication led him to using cocaine, meth and alcohol to find pain relief and rest.  "I hated myself.  I couldn't understand why I was living like that; I was ashamed."  Jerry begged God for help and after serving almost a year in jail, spent 8 months in a faith-based rehab.

The deaths of 2 of his friends led Jerry to open Sober Living 4 Jesus. "I realized that God put me in a position where I needed to take a curse and turn it into a blessing."  Jerry has been free from alcohol and drugs for 10 years now and Sober Living 4 Jesus has grown from an 8 bed transitional living home to a 32 bed campus, providing programs for every stage of recovery.

"It shows them a new life.  It shows them the life that they have been missing out on.  It teaches them that they have a purpose and that they can accomplish something.  IT BRINGS THEM BACK TO LIFE."  Jerry Barrett

Our Mission

We are committed to overcoming life controlling addictions through the power of Jesus Christ. We recognize that freedom comes through Christ and the strengthening of our relationship to Him.

Our Approach

We firmly believe that anyone in Christ is a new creation.  You don't have to be an "addict" or "alcoholic" for the rest of your life.  Calling yourself an addict after you've recovered not only damages your self-worth, it goes against what God has done for us.  We will help you put the past behind you and guide you to a future filled with hope, peace and love.

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