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Why is Faith Important in Recovery from Addiction?

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they come to believe that only the addicting substance will relieve their pain and anxiety and make them whole. This all-encompassing and totally destructive belief is at the core of their being. It replaces all else. When an addicted person comes to our middle TN treatment center, we work to detoxify them of the drug and of the damaging beliefs that evolve in the wake of drug and alcohol addiction. The “stinkin thinkin“ that goes with both alcoholism and drug abuse thrives in the isolated lives that addicts live. As practicing Christians and former addicts, our treatment staff works to first detoxify the person including assisting in drug withdrawal and then to create a new person, free of addiction and full of the Spirit Christ.  Our middle TN treatment center does this because of our faith and because it works!

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Christianity Has Always Helped Those in Need

Ever since the beginning, Christians have aimed to build faith in those who are troubled and in pain. And, when a troubled person accepts Christ into their life, there is peace and understanding where before there was fear and doubt. Over the centuries, those with mental and physical problems have sought and received help by nurturing their faith. A major part of the drug rehab Murfreesboro TN receives from Stones River Recovery focuses on helping addicts find Christ and through Christ the grace, peace and understanding to help them live a productive and healthy life of permanent sobriety.

Our faith tells us that this approach works and it is backed up by studies carried out by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse. Those that find God do better in treatment and are more likely to achieve long term abstinence from their habit. At our middle TN treatment center on the Stones River, we live this approach to the immediate and long term benefit of those we treat. The need for a higher power has been recognized by AA since its beginning but the need of the Lord in our lives has been the core of Christianity ever since Jesus of Nazareth walked along the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Faith-based Values Provide the Strength to Achieve Sobriety

For effective drug rehab Murfreesboro TN and long term recovery everyone needs an abiding faith to achieve emotional and spiritual change. Long term addicts have lost their self-respect and live a life immersed in shame. It is very difficult for them to accept love, assistance, or forgiveness from friends, family, or the community. The core of our treatment program is to help the addict come to Christ, accept forgiveness, and experience the grace that passes all understanding. Time and time again we see repeated in real life the words of the hymn, “I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.” While drug treatment professionals study the effects of faith on addiction recovery, we see the undeniable results in our middle TN treatment center virtually every day.

A Faith-based Approach to Drug Rehab Lowers the Risk of Relapse

A basic feature of a faith-based life is the readiness to accept Christ and change how we live. And, when we live a Christ-centered life, we find freedom and happiness where once there was bondage, serenity where one there was fear, and a positive view of the world where once there was hopelessness. Faith-based people of less selfish, ready to help others, free of the self-pity that destroys souls, able to handle what life throws at them and free of past regrets. When our patients find Jesus, they are able to unburden themselves of past regrets. They learn to address where they have harmed others and how to make amends so long as making amends does not cause further harm. The grace and understanding that comes with a life in Christ are what make this possible. And, the healthy world-view, care and compassion that abide with a faith-based person leave no room for old addictive thoughts and behaviors to re-enter. While we use scientifically proven methods in helping our patients through drug withdrawal and in dealing with complications of their addiction, these methods do not preclude and in fact are made more successful by our faith-based approach that heals the soul as well as the mind and body.

When Addiction has Destroyed Faith, Recovery Requires Find God Again

Many of those we treat once lived good and decent lives and had strong faiths. But, the corrosive effects of chronic drug and alcohol abuse served to erode that faith and separate them from God, or so they believed. Many who have fallen away from their faith feel shame and are fearful of asking for forgiveness, admitting their problems, and coming to grips with what is necessary to achieve recovery. We see this routinely at the drug rehab Murfreesboro TN trusts.

Some even blame the Lord for their troubles. It is part of our task in treating such an individual to help them come back to Jesus, hand their troubles and concerns over to Him, and accept forgiveness. When they are able to do this they often find the grace that passes all understanding and are able to confront the demons that have sought to devour them over the years.

While there are basic steps that a recovering addict needs to pass through on their road to lasting sobriety, working through their spiritual doubts and getting back in touch with the Lord is a necessary part. Our drug rehab Murfreesboro TN helps addicts who have fallen away from Christ realize that while they believed their Lord was gone, He was always there and accepts them back into the fold like the prodigal son in the Old Testament.

At our middle TN rehab facility, we help patients find a new sense of purpose and job in being by reconnecting with their Lord and Savior. This approach is an effective way to treat addiction and the way to heal the soul by reconnecting with Jesus who was always there waiting.

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