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Some of the most common phrases that we hear from family members, friends, and loved one, as it pertains to changing things like ADDICTION, DEPRESSION, IMPULSIVENESS and ANGER, is WHY can’t they just STOP DOING IT? WHAT causes us to voluntarily do something that causes so much pain, conflict, and heartache? WHY do I continue doing things that I DON’T WANT TO DO?????

Addiction is a logic-defying ailment that is unlike any other. Think about it,.. Addiction causes us to go to great lengths, to do things that we know it ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will inflict catastrophic pain on our lives, our families, and destroy our relationships, jobs, finances, and health. Despite knowing that negative outcomes are inevitable, we will do anything and everything, and pay any price, in order to get MORE and MORE and MORE.

Addiction can be described as a terrifying and devastating tornado that one will go to great lengths to make happen. So the question is WHY, WHY, WHY? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

None of us would pay thousands of dollars, lie, steal, and go to great effort to do something that we know will destroy us, our family, and our life.

The only way to really answer this question of WHY and discover what makes a person passionately pursue something that we know will destroy us,.. Is to look beneath the surface and understand our BASIC HUMAN NEEDS.

Definition: Basic Human Needs (BHN)

BHN are natural needs we all possess and that we are constantly striving to fulfill (or meet) on an unconscious level in order to live balanced satisfied lives

Some of the basic human needs are things such as…

●  Security (We all need to believe there is safety in relationships, finances, health, etc)
●  Acceptance (We all need to believe that we belong)
●  Appreciation (we all need to believe that people are grateful for what we do, and who we are)
●  Value (We need to believe that we are a valuable addition to the world)
●  Self-Worth (We need to believe in we have worth)
●  Affection (We all need to feel the warmth of relationships)
●  Love (We defiantly all need to believe that we are loved and cherished by someone)
●  Purpose (We all need to believe that our life and living is important to others)
●  Adventure (We have a need to explore new things and investigate curiosity)

We are all looking to our world, our family and friends, and our environment to satisfy these needs on a daily basis. It’s the presence or absence of these needs that make us all unique and different,…because we all have a different “BASIC HUMAN NEEDS level”

For example,

• ONE PERSON may require a higher need for VALUE than the next person.
• ONE PERSON may require a higher need for SECURITY than the next person.

And these different needs (either met or unmet) develop individual personalities, characteristics, and personality traits.

Our basic human needs establish foundational aspects about us like…

  • Our character
  • Our personality
  • Our disposition
  • Our outlook
  • Our attitude
  • And ultimately the condition of our heart

You see Basic Human Needs have been strategically instilled in us by God ever since the beginning of creation and they reside in our heart and serve the purpose of establishing the direction of our minds and our behaviors. Here is the way we work as individuals,…

Heart Mind Life 2

Visualize 3 Gears. The direction that each gear spins is deciding the direction the gear attached to it MUST spin.

●  The content of a person’s heart determines who they are and how they live.
●  Their hearts rotation determines their mindset.
●  Their minds rotation determines the direction of their life.

This is basic, biblical interpretation of what Jesus said in scripture,…

Luke 6:45
A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart , and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart . For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

This means, my life is headed in the direction established by the content of my heart, and the rotation of my mind and thoughts. If your heart believes something, your mind will think it and your lifestyle will reflect it.

Identifying as an Addict

So going back to our Basic Human Needs. When my Basic Human Needs are met, then my heart is satisfied, but when my Basic Human Needs are NOT met, then I alter my character, personality, my perspective and efforts, in an attempt to find ways to meet my needs. For instance, if I have a high need for security, I attempt to alter my perspective, and personality in an attempt fulfill that need. Sometimes we go to the wrong place to fulfill a need which is how things like depression, addiction, and frustration.

In other words, things like addiction, depression, and anxiety can be described as “a parasite or disease that unintentionally attaches itself to us as we are trying satisfy basic human needs”.

At Stones River Recovery, we teach people that God created us all and He has a passionate desire to meet all of our basic human needs from HIS PROVISIONS!!

If this is true,.. Then our basic human needs begin to look different when we surrender them all to Christ. For instance, we realize that, in Christ, we find…

  • Security – We are DIVINELY SECURE.
    • We realize that God is our father and He is working all things together for GOOD.
  • Acceptance – We are ACCEPTED through JESUS.
    • We begin to realize that He sent His Son to die for us, so that we would be accepted beyond everything we could ever hope for, or imagine.
  • Appreciation – God appreciates us to the point of sacrifice.
    • We begin to believe and see that people are grateful for WHOSE we are, not just WHO we are.
  • Value – Our value is unparalleled in His eyes, even above angels.
    • We begin to believe that we are a valuable addition to the world and His plan for the world.
  • Self-Worth – We begin to see ourselves the way HE sees us.
    • We then begin to believe in ourselves because of who God says we are.
  • Affection – We come to realize that God has so much affection for us that He sacrificed His only Son.
    • We then fully depend on the affection God provides, thus disconnecting our need for social affection or validation.
  • Love – God’s love is revealed for us in His Word.
    • Therefore, we shift our focus to God and allow Him to meet our need to be loved.
  • Purpose – The more we get to know God, we begin to see that He has gifted us in areas of our life that He uses to administer a grand scheme for all mankind.
    • Knowing that the God of all creation has worked us into His plan encourages us to continue moving forward in our gifted value.
  • Adventure – We begin to believe that the person who God has called us to be is far more exciting than the life that we have been living.
    • This inspires us, and meets our need for adventure.

Our basic human needs are the driving force behind the condition of our heart and, ultimately, decide the content of our heart and what motivates our thinking.

Heart Mind Life 1

When our basic human needs go unmet, we then alter our perspective in a way that will help us meet those needs and, as a result, you see the ripple effect all the way through to the mind and lifestyle!

So in conclusion, if we want to see lasting change in our lives, we must commit to the process of allowing God to be the source that meets all of our basic human needs.

At Stones River Recovery, we teach our clients everyday that God stands prepared, and passionately desires, to help them disconnect from all of the fake sources of fulfilment that we have been pursuing (ie: addiction, money, occupation, relationships, etc) and plug into Him and allow Him to meet our needs according to His love and provision for us all!

If you or someone you know struggles with addiction, please let them know that there is a place that can help them and a God who desperately wants more for them than anything they have ever known! Give us a call at 1-888-512-3306 or visit us on our web at