How Faith Helps Families Survive Alcoholism



Most adults partake in a drink from time to time, from a glass of champagne at celebrations to a beer at a backyard barbecue. But when a person’s drinking habits become severe and negatively affect the people around them, they may be suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder, better known as Alcoholism. When a person abuses alcohol, they aren’t just hurting themselves but their family as well. Although there are many different treatment options for those suffering from alcoholism, tapping into faith is a powerful way for the afflicted and their families to overcome this addiction. 


What is Faith-Based Treatment? 


Using faith can be one of the most powerful tools to overcome an addiction. When a family member is suffering from an addiction, they may feel depressed and alone. Tapping into one’s faith and turning to a higher power helps ease these feelings. It also encourages the person to make a spiritual transformation in their life. According to the Alcohol Rehab Guide, faith-based treatments offer therapies that focus on spirituality, compassion, purposeful living, and acceptance. 


Taking a Holistic Approach


Traditional treatments for alcoholism include most of the same steps as faith-based treatments including detox and physical rehabilitation. Faith-based treatments take a holistic approach. They don’t just work on physical rehab but offer an increased focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. 


How Alcoholism Affects Families 


Although someone suffering from alcoholism may feel like they are going through it alone, they tend to be affecting their loved ones without realizing it. As the addiction worsens, the time spent on important life activities such as work or spending time with family gets interrupted. Alcohol becomes the number one priority. This can cause severe problems for a family, including financial stresses as well as issues within marriages and interpersonal relationships. Friends, co-workers, and family members that depend on the person struggling with alcoholism all feel the effects.


How Faith-Based Treatments Help Families 


For those with a strong relationship with their religion, faith-based treatments will allow them to use their spirituality to feel less alone in the process. As the rest of the family copes with their loved one’s recovery, coming together through religion is a great way to work through the issues that may have occurred from the addiction. The person receiving treatment can turn to family therapy to help mend any of the wounds caused by their addiction. Leaning into faith will also help the recovering person open themselves up to people again, instead of turning to alcohol to deal with their problems alone. This allows the family to come back together and work as a full unit to help each other get through the pains of alcoholism. 


Finding faith is a powerful tool of recovery. Not only does it show people that they were never alone, but it also allows them to heal with their loved ones and the power of God on their side. Families who go through faith-based recovery treatments with their loved ones can find a revival in their faith as well and come together to use their spiritual awakenings to become closer and survive alcoholism together.