How to Choose an Addiction Treatment Center

How to Choose an Addiction Treatment Center

Choosing the right treatment center for you or a loved one is crucial but challenging. Recently, our current administration declared a public health emergency for opioid addiction. Since this time, many rehab centers have popped up with deceptive advertising about helping others who struggle with addiction. Some of them aren’t adequately funded, lack the necessary certifications, or have yet to establish an effective program. 

Because so much weighs on the support received from treatment centers, you need to find out which facilities will help you or your loved one. We’ve got some tips that will help you determine which option is right for your needs and situation. 

What You Should Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center  

1. The facility has set goals. 

All rehab centers operate a different way, and you want to be sure you know what you’re getting. Some facilities will consider completing the program enough. Others define “success” as going to regular meetings. Addressing the scope and expectations of each program helps you to choose which option is right for you or your loved one. Ask the treatment center about their mission and vision and ensure it lines up with what you need. 

2. They offer a variety of rehab programs. 

Some centers only have one focus. They can try to cater to short or long-term treatment options. Other centers provide more options. The 12-step program is a recognized option that helps individuals recover from addiction. While it works for some, it’s not for everyone. Beating addiction is complex. Ask about rehab programs that last around 30 days. Look for a facility that offers both long and short-term solutions. If you finish the shorter program and you need to extend your stay, there won’t be a transitional period as you are already accustomed to the process. 

3. They treat every guest individually. 

Let’s clarify quickly that we don’t mean programs are only one-on-one. Group sessions help participants immensely as they navigate out of what used to be addiction. A lot of development can happen through this kind of support. Investigate options that include both group and individual sessions. This kind of set-up allows for a customized treatment plan that focuses on the participant to change and grow. 

4. The rehab center has a set of guiding principles. 

Guiding principles can work one of two ways. First, they have a core belief. Some centers like to discuss addiction as “once an addict, always an addict.” If this statement weighs too heavily on you, and puts you off attending treatment, find one that is more inclusive. Facilities like Stones River Recovery don’t share this ethos. We are a Christian based rehab program and adhere to the belief “the son sets you free, then you are free indeed.” John 8:36

5. Participants are offered life skills. 

The first 90 to 180 days after completing a recovery program is crucial. Working with transitional programs allows participants to reintegrate back into society with much-needed support. Establishing a new norm is taxing. Through transitional programs, everyone is taught how they can take their original values and principles and apply them to work, relationships, and everyday lives. 

6. The facility is not for profit. 

Not for profits fair better than other organizations. Why? First, because they rely on donations, their programs are heavily scrutinized. That means you can rest assured a few people have looked over the program and approved the treatment. Secondly, it’s likely to be more affordable. As a not for profit, they don’t have to hike up their rates to an unaffordable amount. 

7. You have the choice to speak with past participants. 

Knowing the reality of the program is only available if you can speak with past participants. Do your due diligence and ask about past participants and review their website for possible testimonials. Better still is a rehab program with staff and faculty who are were once participants. Their presence attests to the capabilities of assisting others through their addiction. 

Stones River Recovery 

Recovery is more than just the program. It’s an experience. At Stones River Recovery, we are set alongside the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee. The area offers walking trails and other outdoor activities that set the perfect backdrop for recovery. As a faith-based rehab center, some of our participants find the tranquil beauty of Cannon County, Tennessee to be the best place for quiet prayer and meditation. 

We are a not for profit, who take no shortcuts when it comes to assisting our participants. We want everyone to feel at home. Amenities are offered to those who are completing our Residential Inpatient Program or our Long-Term Recovery. Access to wifi, TV, pool, gym, and basketball courts make everyone feel like it’s a home away from home and help develop a community spirit. 

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