Inpatient Treatment: What To Expect

Addiction recovery is multifaceted. There are many aspects that work together to give the patient their best chance at success. The journey can be daunting, but it is essential in order to create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Inpatient treatment incorporates all of these different aspects. This approach is the most comprehensive addiction treatment middle Tennessee.

But what are the aspects? And how does it help?


Detoxification is unpleasant. There’s no way around that. However, it is an unavoidable step in working toward a healthier, happier life. Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from a living organism. In the case of inpatient treatment, this is the period during which the addict’s body runs through its final reserves of a particular substance. Once that substance is gone, the body will sometimes go through withdrawals.

The symptoms of withdrawals are different for every drug. Some drugs produce mental withdrawals and some produce physical withdrawals. The physical withdrawals can range from nausea and aches all the way to seizures and death.

Rehabilitation programs like Stones River Recovery offer a medically stable environment during this important phase. Through partnerships with doctors, clinics, and psychiatrists, they are able to offer a safe program and environment. Professional help like this is essential in ensuring the addict’s detoxification doesn’t lead to any major problems.


The physical repercussions of detoxification are daunting and difficult. However, it is not the last stage. Physical urges are not the only reason a person becomes addicted. These behaviors are often in response to something or triggered by certain stimuli. The goal of counseling is to learn about these triggers. An addict is far more likely to avoid reverting to old behaviors if these triggers can be recognized and avoided.

Stress-related to life events, toxic environments, and negative social circles are examples of triggers that can lead a person back into addiction. Counseling helps the addict learn coping mechanisms to deal with temptation.

Stones River Recovery offers both individual therapy as well as group therapy. Each method has its own positive aspects. Using both methods is a well-rounded way to address all of the possible issues. These programs are tailored to each particular person. There is no singular best way to treat addiction. Each path is different and a program that learns with the addict as they teach gives the addict the best chance at making positive change in their life.

Stones River Recovery offers an inpatient program for Addiction Treatment in Middle Tennessee. Contact us to learn more today.


Occupying the mind is a great way for the addict to direct their attention toward something other than their desire to use. Simply distracting an addict from their vices and triggers doesn’t give them the tools they will need to be successful in recovery.

The leaders at Stones River Recovery are on-hand to guide the students in spiritual growth. This growth allows the addict to move forward in their life with purpose and meaning. Forgiveness is very important in the process of recovery. Spiritual growth teaches the addict ways to cope with their emotions, organize their thoughts, and to forgive others as well as themselves. Addicts often find a peaceful and joyous feeling as they experience this growth.

Recovery principles are guiding ideas to help the addict toward a healthy lifestyle. These are taught and expanded upon in daily classes. Facing a life so drastically different prior to recovery can be as exciting as it is terrifying for an addict. It is through Christ and these principles they learn how to move forward into their new life.

Prayer and Meditation

Meditation doesn’t suppress addictive thoughts. Instead, it allows them to run free until the addict is no longer strangled by them. We can avoid being controlled by our impulses by learning more about them. If addiction is a means to calm something inside, the justification is demolished by meditation.

Prayer connects the addict with the teachings of Christ. And through these teachings, patients learn to find their true identity. Stones River Recovery is located near beautiful hiking trails that wind through forests, along rivers and other natural landscapes. This is the perfect setting to become more acquainted not only with Christ but with yourself.

Serenity and calm are the greatest tool against the calamity of addiction.

Fellowship & Fun

Recovery is serious. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun, recreational aspects as well. Support is very important during the recovery process, and ideas of community are built through activities. These activities promote healthy bonds among participants. These bonds provide strength and motivation in tough times.

Stones River Recovery offers many fun activities to not only provide levity to the participants but also help build these bonds. Whether it’s through camping trips, bowling, fishing, movie nights, or concerts, participants enjoy the company of others while they enjoy themselves.

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