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June 6th 2019

I started out as a pretty good kid. I made A’s and B’s and never got into any trouble. However, I got out of high school without a plan and that’s when I began making bad decisions.

I started experimenting with marijuana, ecstasy and others which in turn led to me being almost homeless. So, I joined the military out of desperation and drugs were not an option, but alcohol was condoned. I was very unhappy while enlisted so in order to numb myself to the feelings I began numbing or suppressing the unhappiness with alcohol. This quickly went out of control. I got in trouble a few times and instead of learning from my lesson I just learned how to be better at concealing my drinking.

I got out of the military in 2009 knowing I had a problem, but I never took it as a serious issue. I believed it to be a phase that would soon pass. I got married shortly afterwards and my wife had a zero-tolerance policy against it which caused me to have no choice but to become better at hiding it. My drinking led me to believe that others, specifically my wife, weren’t keen enough to pick up on my problem. That was just the alcohol trying to convince me that no one was aware. After being caught multiple times by my wife, I would continue to go back to drinking despite knowing what I could lose, promises made and the hurt it was causing. All the while I was attending AA meetings 5 times a week and doing the “Hi, I’m Nick and I’m an alcoholic” script. It wasn’t an exactly a godless environment but I noticed that embracing the God of the bible was a hard concept to grasp. Somewhere own right hostile to the God of the bible.

The last time I was caught by my wife we were searching for an answer together. We were laying in the back of her SUV facing the sky as we were talking about what we needed to do in order to put this behind me. As we stared at the sky, a cloud in the shape of a cross floated across our line of vision. We both saw it and needed no more questions answered. I knew I needed God in my life in the worst way and decided to search out Christian programs that deal with addiction. That’s when my wife diligently searched out programs and found Stones River Recovery. We went over it together and concluded that this was the place for me. Her selling points were that it was a faith-based program, only men which creates an atmosphere of camaraderie with less distraction and it had one of the highest success rates in the country.

Since having attended Stones River Recovery I have learned that if I am not actively pursuing a relationship with Christ, I am falling away from Him. What that means to me is that if I am not seeking and searching out God every day, I am bound to regress into the old me. I pray to the Lord every single day. Not the cookie-cutter prayer that covers all aspects, but the nitty-gritty, heartfelt prayer that can only come from a contrite heart. I need to meditate as stated in Psalm 1. A biblical meditation focusing on love and gratitude. I need to fellowship regularly with other believers, join a church and attended Christ centered recovery groups. An example would be Celebrate Recovery. Which by the grace of God there is one located at the end of my street.

I essentially learned all the tools necessary within my first 24 hours of being at Stones River Recovery. What was reinforced during the remaining time was how to use the tools that had been handed to me. Between discussions, testimonies, classes, prayer and fellowship my knowledge was reinforced in the realm of the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you or a loved one may be struggling with addiction, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and pursue the Lord with all your heart. I strongly encourage you to look into Stones River Recovery. They will guide you through recovery, point you in the right direction. The fact that the men that work there have been in your position, experienced the pain and anguish makes it easier to pay attention and identify with teachings. They have been where I was and know firsthand the detrimental effects of addiction. Today I am free from the bondage of addiction and its all because of Christ.

Nick B.


June 6th 2019

Back when I was a kid, I was always hanging out with the good crowd. I even went as far as telling everyone that I was high on life because I didn’t need anything external to feel good. Life itself would suffice. I enjoyed riding 4 wheelers, playing baseball, fishing….I was very active. I came from a good Godly family but, somewhere down the line I got side tracked.

I had hurt my back over ten years ago and got tired of the pain and began going to pain clinics. From this point on is where my addiction to prescription opioids began. I began taking the medication as prescribed and thought I was ok until I realized that the dose I was taking wouldn’t relieve the pain. At this point I began taking more and more.

As a result of my tolerance and addiction, I needed to supplement what was prescribed by purchasing opiates illegally on the streets. As my addiction snowballed money was borderline non-existent. I was borrowing from “Peter to pay Paul”, I couldn’t afford toys for my daughter and bills continued to pile up.

I finally came to the realization that I had a problem earlier this year. So I began reaching out for help. The very first place I called was Stones River Recovery. I called on a Wednesday, spoke with the intake team and I had a bed made available within hours. I was tired of letting my family down and knew I had to do something different. Scared, worried and unsure of the future were the main emotions that were stirring up in my heart but, once I had arrived on the property and sat down and talked to the staff I felt understood, relieved and knew I was in the right place.

The staff at Stones River Recovery are awesome. They have been where I was and are willing to go the extra mile to meet my needs and do what it takes to make me feel comfortable because they know what it was like to be in my shoes. The best decision I have made in life so far was to come to Stones River. I look forward to seeing what else God has in store for my life."

Jeremy V.

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