Phase One

Residential Inpatient Program in Middle Tennessee

With so many addiction recovery centers, it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you. Phase One is a Residential Inpatient Program and is the starting point for Stones River Recovery residents. It's different than other addiction recovery centers because we take a more modified approach. We don't believe your identity is tied to addiction. Our faith-based recovery center offers you a chance to find a new identity through Jesus Christ. The program focuses on helping each participant gain a new set of principles and values to help achieve and maintain sobriety. These principles turn into a lifestyle free from addiction and filled with joy, peace, and productivity

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After safe detoxification from a substance, the participant’s time is spent learning the tools necessary to maintain sobriety. Residents in the inpatient program participate in a full schedule of daily activities ranging from:





Community Service




Most inpatient programs average 30 days.

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How Stones River Recovery
Residential Inpatient Program Works


At Stones River Recovery, we partner with doctors and psychiatrists to aid in safe detoxification. It's the first step on the road to sobriety and the most essential.


Our experts teach all the relevant information from our classes. Throughout the day, our leaders are on-hand to guide in spiritual growth, dive into recovery principles, and help others see their freedom in Christ.


Through one-on-one and group counseling, we help participants find a safe place where they can share and learn from others and staff. Either route you go, you will be surrounded by supporting individuals who have overcome addiction themselves.

Prayer and Meditation

Stones River Recovery is ideally located and provides a serene backdrop to help participants seek rest and to reconnect. The campus has plenty of natural landscapes to help them find the peace they need for meditation and prayer.

Fellowship and Fun

Success is easier when you have the right support. And, you will find that at Stones River Recovery. We offer camping trips, movie nights, and other activities to encourage healthy bonds amongst participants.

How We are Different

Residents are shown love, understanding, and hope in a safe, comfortable environment. Daily interaction with staff and fellow residents strengthen personal relations and a sense of community. We believe in taking a different approach to recovery. Participants who work with a faith-based recovery program are more likely to continue leading a substance-free lifestyle.

At Stones River Recovery, we believe in the work of Jesus Christ. We allow his love to help guide us on our path. Through our work, you will feel born again with a new found understanding of purpose and being. It's not the past that defines your future. At our facility, we won't let you believe moving forward; you will always be a "recovering addict." Instead, we focus on delivering a set of skills, principals, and values taught in an encouraging and welcoming environment.

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