Phase TWO

Long Term Drug Recovery Programs
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Why Choose a Long Term Recovery Program?

Completing the first phase (Phase One) of your treatment plan is one of the most exciting, yet challenging times in the journey of recovery. Phase Two of Stones River's Long-Term Recovery (LTR) program focuses on transitioning from a residential inpatient rehab
to living independently in a transitional living environment. Basically you
simply practice living as you will when you go home. Basically you simply practice living as you will when you go home.

LTR programs offer you or your loved one the best available chance to stay sober.  From a medical perspective, both the body and mind of an alcoholic or drug addict requires time to properly heal.  Recovery experts and medical research have proven that men who participate in a long-term program (90 days or more) are considerably more successful in maintaining sobriety.  Our long-term recovery program is unquestionably the best choice for men with a history of relapse and a highly prudent, responsible choice for men in recovery for the first time.

A Safe Place to Turn Principles Into Action

Stones River Recovery focuses on learning to live responsibly and productively while building on the foundation of recovery introduced during inpatient rehab: a practical design for healthy living.  LTR participants are given one-on-one career, financial and family counseling along with daily recovery classes, spiritual guidance and support in a community of Christian sobriety.  Drug addiction and alcoholism are truly issues of life or death; our long-term care provides the edge needed for you or your loved one to overcome addiction and remain on the path of recovery.

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